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Social that doesn't go stale.

The Mastodon Scheduler is a free and open-source tool that makes it easy to schedule posts so your business or personal account stays fresh.

You're busy and sometimes forget to post to Mastodon. That's okay, we forget, too. The Mastodon Scheduler helps you stay active on social media, without the hassle of posting daily.

About Mastodon Scheduler

Privacy and Security First

From HTTPS, to Tor, to encryption at rest, we go beyond conventional measures to protect you and your data.

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Mastodon API Integration

We use the Mastodon API to post and schedule, meaning we don't store any of your post information on our servers.

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Self-Hosting Ready

Prefer to host your own Mastodon Scheduler? Easily install it on your own server! E-Paper display supported!

Image with mobile UI and a Pi Zero with an e-Paper display.

Donate to Support

The Mastodon Scheduler is free and open-source and relies on your donations to operate.

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About Science & Design

The Mastodon Scheduler is a free and open-source tool by Science & Design, a 501(c)(3) non-profit building software for free access to information and free speech online.

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